When Graeme Rowe decided to found Little Weave, he already had an impressive career under his belt. “I have spent 25 years in the IT tech industry, primarily in start-ups and companies that have been IPO’d,” he recalls, speaking to us on the phone from his garden between meetings on a sunny afternoon. “I was always the first marketing person on the ground.” So, why set up his own company after years of working in the tech sector? Graeme’s answer is simple: “We needed an interactive website out there to help adults teach children about healthy living.”  

Graeme’s ambition with Little Weave is primarily centred around his passion for ethics, a passion that he wishes to pass down to younger generations in a modern and appealing way for both children and adults. The site provides parents and children with a way to write and illustrate stories together with each one being held together with a sewing motif. But Graeme doesn’t just limit his commitment to ethics to the stories featured on Little Weave. All of the items sold through the site are manufactured in Northern Thailand in conditions that provide flexibility around families and farming for the workers. As the company grows he wishes to employ a diverse workforce who are treated fairly and valued for their unique experience and perspective. As he puts it, “Ethics is the thread that runs through.” 


Realising Graeme’s storytelling dream required certain specific tools. “We were always going to have a big digital presence - the main thing was always going to be a website,” he tells us. “We needed a digital platform that could be managed by me.” He goes on to explain that as he was starting off as a small-team venture so to speak, an intuitive content management system was of paramount importance. “A flexible CMS allowed us to manage as much of the site as we wanted. Product uploading, making sure people can send stuff through to the site, making sure I can upload stories and pictures.”  


Another priority was value. As a small, new business, Graeme was reluctant to pay an agency to run the site or upload products for Little Weave’s e-commerce offering. That was where the root came in. “the root is perfect for SMEs who want to manage things themselves,” affirms Graeme. Due to his previous experience in the world of tech, Graeme had seen companies go through incredibly tricky teething problems both creating and managing their websites. “I knew exactly what I wanted - and what I didn’t want.” When asked what some of the root’s best features are he doesn’t hesitate: “The backend management user interface is very easy to learn - I did it in an hour. It’s intuitive. I’m a marketeer not a tech person and I could very easily pick it up and learn it.”  


Little Weave is an excellent example of a classic idea translated for the digital age. And although he wants the site to be educational, he realises the importance of keeping things magical. “I don’t want the stories to be so ethical that they’re not fun,” he laughs. Through the root, he has been able to create and maintain a sophisticated yet simple-to-use site that prioritises principles and imagination.  


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