the root is a single screen marketing ecosystem providing content management services, ecommerce solutions and valuable insights all in one place.

What we do

Easily manage your content

Our CMS is the perfect blend between closed source security and strength and open source flexibility and innovation. Built using the powerful Zend 2 PHP framework, our cloud CMS offers:

  • More security: Protecting you from loss of data and revenue
  • Faster and better access: Enabling businesses to operate remotely and on the move
  • Single view: Removing complexity for businesses with app and platform overload
  • Analytics and data visibility: Make more impact with your marketing

For those without technical knowledge of HTML, once built the system offers full technical insight delivered in a straightforward way. You can see what is working and what isn’t at a glance, make changes and deliver even better online experiences to your customer.

With a suspected 18.5 million websites globally suspected of being infected with malware in any one week, it’s becoming more challenging for customers to feel safe and secure online. Our content management system and single dashboard e-commerce solution was designed to be secure. It carries accreditation from Cyber Essentials – meaning peace of mind for your business and customers.

Build your online store

Users have thousands of shopping experiences to choose from – so, yours needs to stand out. We put everything you need to know in one single screen. Here you can oversee content and products as well as gage results and performance giving you a jargon-free understanding of your business’s performance. Using these insights, you can constantly improve your users’ journey on your site, inspiring them to come back again and again.

Manage and store your system in the cloud

In our digital lives, connectedness is key. Our CMS is cloud-based, which means it’s easy to maintain and update – as soon as a security update or an improvement to site performance is needed, it is implemented automatically. It offers high-speed connection, powerful data capacity and makes management simple. Changes can be made quickly and efficiently. When you find something that works, you can build on that success immediately. Effectively, your site is future-proofed.

Discover your specialist support

The minutiae of running a successful site can be time-consuming, so instead of offering you a product, we offer a fully managed service. Every business is different, with a multitude of diverse requirements and concerns. That is why, in addition to our stress-free, fully managed system, we provide tailormade development support and consultancy services to help you craft bespoke products or complex builds for your brand. Our dedicated technical team are on-hand to ensure your website runs smoothly at all times. We’re here to answer questions, help with site-specific amends and even staff training – anything to make your life easier.

Our values

  • Meaningful digital experiences run deeper than the surface

  • Digital platforms should be wealth-creating ecosystems for owners and developers

  • Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

  • Supporting digital transformation for small enterprise to scale effortlessly

Leadership team

Daniel Andrews

Daniel Andrews


Vinoj Cardoza

Vinoj Cardoza

Head of Technology

Edward Fraser

Edward Fraser


Derek Morren

Derek Morren

Financial Director

Dawn Boyfield MBE

Dawn Boyfield MBE

HR & Administration Director

Sophie Harrison

Sophie Harrison


Join our team

It takes more than just one thing to make a tree grow tall and strong and plant deep roots. We are looking for all the elements it takes to make the root grow and flourish – could you be one of those elements? If you think you could, are looking for a challenge and to build something from the ground up, you might be exactly what we need. As for us, we are a team of people who love what they do and are passionate about our product and our values. We look forward to hearing from you.


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